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Los Angeles Skin Care Clinic

Face of Jules is a Los Angeles facial spa that offers the latest and most effective state of the art treatments to achieve beautiful skin. We offer natural skin care products, advanced facial treatments and business practices based on a “holistic” philosophy.

Our 100% natural skin care products and non-invasive treatments are based on an understanding of the way skin works and its relationship with overall health, the goal being skin that is balanced and beautiful from the inside out. Face of Jules believes in both the ART and SCIENCE of treating your SKIN.

Please Note: Face of Jules is located in a private gated building. When you arrive for your appointment, please call our office and we will get you buzzed in.


    When I first walked in I figured Face of Jules is just another place for ladies trying to get better skin. Fellas, I have been dealing with Psoriasis on my face for the last 3 years. I went to countless dermatologists, bought a ton of recommended prescriptions, used all different kinds of face wash, skin masks, LITERALLY TRIED EVERYTHING. But I could never shake it.

    Still can't believe this, but I went in to see Jules and she applied LED treatment on my face coupled with a skin peel. AFTER ONE TREATMENT, my face was literally clear like I never had a skin issue in my life. Bottom line guys, you wanna work in entertainment and be on camera, you can't have blotchy/irritated red skin. Believe me, I can't tell you how many job opportunities have slipped through my fingers because of my Psoriasis. One session, that's all it takes. Unbelievable.

    thumb Chaz H.

      Had a facial a week ago with Bree.
    Best facial I've had in years.
    Bree was so accommodating with all my needs. Excellent customer service!
    I was very specific with where I wanted her to do extractions, my face has never looked this clear,  and glowing! I will definitely  be back for a follow up facial in 6 weeks! Face of Jules is a gem!

    thumb Hillary N.

      I had the pleasure of having Bree do my first facial, I got the gents glow and go. My face has never felt so clean in my life. She explained each step of the facial and make the experience so comfortable. I would highly recommend Face of Jules! Book an appointment with Bree for all your facial needs.

    thumb Daniel Y.
  •   I've been seeing Bree for a month now and I'm SoOoOo happy with all my treatments so far. I recommend the DMK and the dermal infusion oxygen therapy if you have acne scars/inflammation!!

    thumb Ania S.

      I first came to Jules for dermaplaning and chemical peels. I was weary about getting peels because I'm very prone to hyperpigmentation and have seen how peels can go wrong on someone with my skin color. I saw Jules had A LOT of experience working on all different skin tones and textures which is why I ultimately chose to see her in the first place. I love Face of Jules because my skin always looks amazing after I leave and I've also left with a few tips on how to take care of my skin from the inside out. I always feel like Jules steers me in the right direction as far as what treatments works best for my skin, even if that means getting something less expensive! I so appreciate her honesty, amazing work, and affordable prices. My skin has truly never looked better and it's all thanks to Jules!!

    thumb Rupali W.

      Had the PRP after getting IPL, Clear and Brilliant and so many other treatments and lasers for years
    and never had such great results. Jules is fantastic and super professional. What a gem! Just got her signature facial today and set a new appointment for PRP! Go!!! She is amazing!

    thumb Carina H.
  •   I got my first dermaplaning and peel with Bree today. She was very thorough and gentle throughout the dermaplaning and facial process. My skin feels smoother, brighter with a natural glow. Definitely coming back!

    thumb Arleen D.

      I've been seeing Jules in her beautiful new location and I can't say enough good things about the skin clinic. There's private parking available so it's stress free making my appts on time. It's always super clean and orderly. The staff is friendly and welcoming and to top it off extremely knowledgeable! My go to treatment is the shine bright like a diamond oxygen facial with the eye treatment added on! I've also done the micro-needling treatment 3 x and after I get so many complements on my skin so that is another one I would suggest trying. I know you will be happy with whatever treatment you decide on going with. Overall face of jules is great and I'll be a lifetime client!

    thumb Laura S.

      I came here looking for help with my hyperpigmentation, the main thing I notice is Jules is very knowledgeable in all different type of skin issues. She uses natural products which puts me at ease not having to worry about chemicals that might damage my skin. I love the cute chandelier made of jewels on her ceiling, everything is so clean too. She also has a lot of effective options that other esthetician's in the area don't offer. Thank you Jules!

    thumb Christina B.
  •   Jules is Magic. I've never before returned for a facial to anyone bc the results are never worth it but she is a skin genius. I have acne prone skin that gets mad at everything. Let me just say that my skin is so reactive with extractions and everything and I don't how  but by the time she's done with my facial there's no evidence I've been extracted. Usually I look like I've been stung by bees. Her energy is so good and her space is amazing! Go to her you will leave feeling so good.

    thumb Vada A.

      I've been going to Face of Jule's new location since it opened and I'm so glad I found this hidden gem. I love how private it is and how convenient it is for parking. The staff is super helpful and friendly and the services are top notch. I would highly recommend giving this place a shot for any skin care needs if you're looking for all natural products and machines that really do something for your skin. They also sell products, supplements and cleanses which are all super healthy and the best quality. Enjoy yourself!

    thumb Nick L.

      So I am pretty new to the world of facials and all I have to say is that it was the best experience I have ever had the SHINE BRIGHT LIKE A DIAMOND facial. Shout out to the wonderful Bree for taking care of me and all my needs and questions. This place allows you to talk about your worries/concerns and really give you the answers you need and the solutions you want. My skin felt so amazing and I honestly left there glowing. I loved ever minute of it. Thank you! I will defiantly be coming back.

    thumb Sonia D.
  •   Jules takes her time and really cares to give you a full experience which is both enjoyable and descriptive. 5 Star service with a great location.

    thumb Christopher M.

    I came in to correct my skin after discoloration following a laser treatment I had done months ago somewhere else. I am also in my 40's and keeping my skin looking youthful is more challenging. After just two visits my skin is looking more even and youthful. People have complimented me on my skin and I have noticed a huge change. I'm hooked! Jules knows skin and has treatments that deliver immediate and long term results. I don't have 20/30year old skin, so she has more of a challenge with me. She is very helpful, knowledgeable and friendly. If you are looking for real results, invest in yourself here!

    thumb Angela J.

      I've tried the facials, peels, and dermaplaning at Face of Jules, and have consistently had such positive experiences that I've been going back every couple months for over a year. The results truly speak for themselves, and Julia is always so knowledgeable, kind, and accommodating! She's super flexible with scheduling and was thorough in answering my questions about the peeling process. She is able to quickly identify what is causing any skin issues and help me choose the perfect treatments to address them.

    thumb Olivia H.
  •   After searching for a skincare specialist since I moved to LA- I finally found someone that addresses all of my concerns and makes my skin feel brand new. So, so happy with the results Jules gave me!
    If you're looking to revamp your skin- Jules is your girl 🙂

    thumb Abby O.

      I am a skincare junkie and take very good care of my skin, therefore have never felt like I truly get visible benefits from any esthetician I have visited in the past... Until Jules!!!! From that initial visit I know I will be entrusting my skin to her very capable hands. Even for a simple dermaplaning visit, she takes her time to really talk to you about your skin needs, included additional serums and products to soothe your skin and you walk out feeling like you actually got a quick facial since your skin is glowing.
    She even followed up via text the following day to make sure nothing had irritated my skin and gave me really good product suggestions when I asked her.
    I am looking forward to continuing to try her different treatments and would recommend her to anyone looking for incredible results.

    thumb Karla H.

      I had an eyebrow tint and wax and a face wax by Jules and it far exceeded my expectations. The  location is very relaxing and Jules is wonderful!

    thumb Shana A.
  •   I've struggled with cystic acne for years and have tried what felt like everything under the sun to fix it. I've tried to stay as natural as possible because I knew this condition was coming from the inside. I came across Julia's page on Instagram and followed her page on there for a little while. I was in awe of the differences her facials made for her clients. I wanted that. So I reached out to try microneedling for my first time mainly for my pesky acne scarring I'm left with. She is so easy to get in touch with and has a wealth of knowledge about holistic approaches to skin conditions. I've had 2 microneedling sessions so far now and I'm hooked! My skin is looking better than ever and I finally get compliments on it!
    Definitely a client for life. Julia is the best!

    thumb Madison W.

      Jules is the BEST!!!!! I came in for a Brazilian wax and a derma-planing facial. The Brazilian was quick and painless, Jules made me feel totally comfortable. And the derma-planing was a game changer!!!  My face looks like I was just born lol highly recommend!!

    thumb Morgan H.

      Amazing facial! super relaxing and natural. definitely going back for dermaplaning and a second facial or mask! oxygen mask is a yes from me! also jules is super helpful in guiding you to choose what's best for your skin

    thumb Gabby S.
  •   I had a signature facial with Julia and I feel like my skin was glowing and smooth right after and for weeks after. I have very sensitive skin and I've gone to so many other places that felt like either the products or extractions would make me break out. Jules is gentle but thorough. She uses all natural products and her facial was really relaxing. I highly recommend!

    thumb Desiree S.

      If you want glowing skin..  LOOK NO FURTHER.
    I have been to a few aestheticians in LA but nobody has been able to deliver results like Julie does.

    Julie is so knowledgeable and super down to Earth. She always gives me the best suggestions for my skin care and the equipment she has for facials are top notch. I'm always amazed when she explains each machine and the benefits it has on my face.

    Every minute of the two hours I spend with her is complete relaxation and I know that I am going to wake up the next morning glowing.
    Which is exactly what happened after the oxygen and LED light facial I received by her. My skin had been dull, dehydrated and I had some breakouts along the side of my face that were driving me insane before visiting Julie.

    I woke up the next morning PROUD of my skin and excited to show it off naturally! Not an ounce of makeup on my skin.

    I love her natural approach to skincare and I always leave with amazing product (by choice) that is healthy for my skin without all the harsh chemicals.

    Her location is super cute! Very clean, calming and inviting. I was at ease as soon as I walked in.
    Not too mention-- I always support someone with a vision and isn't scared to branch out on their own! And Julie has done this so well for herself.

    Thank you Julie!

    thumb Megan J.

      Jules is the best of the best. She's super sweet, nice, and easy going. She's also incredibly smart and knowledgeable when it comes to all things skin-- and coming from someone with acne, I am beyond grateful for her wisdom and support, but also, for the results I get when I see her!! Not a week later, but literally the same day. Aside from her services, she also has the best of the best in terms of product and equipment. I really feel like I'm getting the VIP treatment and always look forward to being pampered by the queen of perfect skin herself. I took my boyfriend for his first facial and now he's hooked too! Thanks, Jules!!! Can't wait to see you again soon.

    thumb Kristina A.
  •   This is my second visit with Jules.
    I love how knowledgeable she is about your skin and how to care for it from the inside out. First time around I got a regular facial and added the micro current which was amazing. It added a lot of lift to my face just with one session.
    The second time around I had concerns about the texture of my skin and she gave me tips on ho to fix that through my everyday nutrition and what also did micro needling with the oxy led light
    Day 1 after my skin looks amazing still a little rosy from the micro needling but still amazing.
    I tell all my clients about her all the tome.
    She really is the best

    thumb Aqua C.

      I've been suffering from cystic acne for YEARS and no one helped me until I went to face of Jules. I will never go anywhere else ... I've been to the "best of the best " all over Los Angeles and outside the the county and never had results like this! She is god sent and I recommend her to anyone who has skin problems or is looking for real results. Julia always takes her time and truly cares about delivering change. Every treatment is customized based on what my skin needs when I see her. My skin cleared up within two weeks after visiting her the first time because she told me what foods to avoid and what supplements to add in along with organic face products . At first I thought it was too good to be true but it's been six months since my first visit and my skin is breakout free and I couldn't be happier. I continue seeing her monthly to maintain these amazing results!! Thank you Jules for giving me the confidence to face the world make up and filter free !!

    thumb Andrea A.

      I started seeing Julia nearly three years ago. I wanted to see a esthetician before my wedding who used only natural products. I was so happy with the way my skin looked, that I continue to see her every month. My go-to was the LED light therapy combined with pure oxygen therapy. After years, I finally worked up the courage to do a peel, and it's a game changer! I even go to work right after with zero obvious redness or irritation. I get loads of compliments on my skin, even though I have some hormonal acne and redness.
    In addition to her treatments, Julia asks questions to get to the root of the problem. We talked about my diet, and she recommended supplements and vitamins to help. Not only did I notice a difference right away in my skin, but I slept better and had more energy.

    thumb Cindy C.
  •   Face of Jules is just perfection. I have only good commentary to leave! I've had plenty of facials in the past at other locations. Some didn't do justice. Some gave me more acne! Julia, by far is the best at what she does and really takes the utmost care in her clients. I felt relaxed and like my face could finally breathe. She is definitely thorough, gives accurate suggestions for skin treatment and I will definitely be seeing her frequently. Thank you Face of Jules for... well... fixing my face!! 🙂 I'm overly satisfied.

    thumb Katarina L.

      Just had my first consultation and facial with Jules!
    I'm so incredibly happy I followed my gut and decided to reach out and connect with her. I've been following her on social media for quite a while!

    She's communicative, knowledgeable, sweet, and beautiful, just an overall lovely person! I've been getting facials for over 10 years...been struggling with acne for a long time. This is the first facialist I've truly felt connected with and that Im actually going to benefit from going to see.
    I learned SO much, in such a short amount of time-she's a true GURU!

    Not only is she a skin goddess but also knows so much about holistic medicine and how to be in complete alignment; mind, body, soul and spirit!

    I did the 'shine bright like a diamond oxygen facial.'
    Hope to do micro-needling next!

    thumb Bridget A.

      She is the best. So honest, super chill. She customizes your facials based on your skin type/problems. I come in for micro-needling and she takes all the stress out of it. If you have chronic skin problems or areas that have never improved no matter what you do, I highly recommend Jules!

    thumb Kate H.